Thank you for coming to Rope A Dope Arena for todays Heavyweight Championship Bout. In this corner, with the Khaki Trunks, Blue shirt and shiny bald head we introduce the talented Mr. Sam Roper, the Chief Drawing Dude at Rope A Dope, LLC. In the opposite corner, in whatever you’re wearing. We have you, needing a wonderful gift for someone special they will cherish forever, & always remember that it was YOU in the opposite corner, who gave them such a wonderfully thoughtful gift.

Let’s come together and touch gloves for an agreement and see if I can't Rope a Dope you, a Friend or Family Member!

Braves Hall of Fame

Kylo Ren

Han Shot First

Herschel Walker

Obiwan For President

JJ Abrams Lightsaber

Falcon Press Conference 2015

Custom Trekkie

Custom Caddyshack Cinderella Story

Custom Batman & Robin

Tiger Woods

Yogi Berra

Bill Belichek

Larry Munson

Daddy's Lil Princess

Johnny Cash

Carrie Underwood

Randy Travis

Dan Quinn

Casey Kasem


Brad Paisley


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