Ordering Your
Custom Caricatures

Here is where you submit information regarding a custom caricature, read the instructions below and fill out the order form to the right. I will contact you regarding your order as soon as possible.

The Weigh-in - Information Gathering

To complete your custom caricature I will need three (3) images (per person)from you. A forward looking, a side and a 45 degree view. Please look at the images below as a reference. You can click on the thumbnail images to view the full picture and click it again to close it.

Do you want a headshot or full body pose?

Do you want your caricature in black and white or color?

How many people will be depicted in the caricature?

Do you want a background?

Additional Info Box:
What kind of hobby, job, talents, personality, background, logos, text, props (car, house, furniture, accessories, etc.) do you want expressed in your caricature? Plus anything you want us to know about the character.

The Purse - Pricing, Approvals and Payments


Black & White Portrait
$35/1 person
$15 each addtl person
Color Portrait
$50/1 person
$25 each addt'l person
Black & White Full-Body
$45/1 person
$25 each addtl person
Color Full-Body
$60/1 person
$35 each addt'l person
$10 Black & White
$20 Color

Once we've gotten all your information, we will send you an email with an authorization form in the body. Please fill it out and email it back to us with your three (3) photos (per person).

Also included in our email to you will be an invoice and a link to pay for your caricature via PayPal. 
*All projects require a 100% payment upfront before the project begins.

The Bout - Sketches and Approvals

Round 1 - We need a paragraph giving us a theme (i.e. what the character likes or better doesn't want us to know).
Round 2 - We will send you 1 preliminary rough idea sketch.
Round 3 - Preliminary rough idea sketch approval completed.
Round 4 - We will send you 1 black and white sketch for your approval.
Round 5 - Final black and white sketch approval is made.
Round 6 - Inked version begins.
Round 7 - Approval for the inked artwork.
Round 8 - With the final inked approval, your artwork is packaged and prepared for shipping.
Round 9 - Artwork is shipped
Round 10 It's a Knockout!!
* However, any more changes or additions beyond Round 5 will require extra charges.
** All proofs will be sent with a watermark for Rope A Dope's protection.

The Final Bell - The Finished Product

When your caricature is complete, we will professionally package and ship your artwork.

All the artwork is still the creative & intellectual property of Rope A Dope Toons. Rope a Dope Toons has the right to display the artwork on their website or Social Media. We will however never use anyone's names without permission, only display the artwork.

So, here are the Correct Type of pictures....

Ok, now for the Wrong Type of pictures....

Please do not send the following type of pictures to ensure we can get you a great caricature. See images below.

• Someone in a picture of a large group.   They are way too small to see any facial features.

• People wearing a hat. They cause terrible shadows on the face. Even if you want the picture drawn with a hat we need to be able to see under that hat to see that face. No shadows please.

• Don't send a picture of someone looking up or down.  If you take a selfie of yourself looking up even slightly, you will appear to have the biggest nostrils in the world. If you are looking down you'll look like you have a huge brow.

• If you send a picture of someone making a goofy face or fake smile...remember I don't know that person.   Your artwork will look like there fake smile.

• Please don't send pictures with poor lighting.   I have to see the details on the persons face.

I am not trying to be some premadonna artist.   I just want you to get the absolute best caricature of you , your family & your friends.

Thank you again for choosing Rope A Dope!!







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