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What people are saying about Sam and Rope A Dope Toons!

I contacted Sam because I wanted to give my father a unique birthday gift. In the eyes of my son, his grandfather is a hero so I asked Sam to do something around the “hero” theme. I was delighted with the final product. Sam really captured my dad, and my son, in his caricatures. Sam added details to the picture that were meaningful to both my dad and my son. I had the print framed and my son gave it to my dad for his birthday. My dad absolutely loved the picture. He and Sam play golf together and he was floored by Sam’s talent. I couldn’t have chosen a better gift, and I’m so grateful to Sam for his great work!

Cheryl Davis

The Art of Caricature is unique in so many different ways. You’re not only dealing with drawing the features of someone’s face but, a true Caricaturist captures the essences of a persons Soul. Sam captures each subject with a flare and a dash of brilliance that ring true. His hard hitting jabs are good nature’d and honest. To have the ability to dazzle and amaze while creating smiles and giggles is a true art form. If you’re looking for entertainment that enthralls your guest while it creates a lasting keepsake that they can treasure for a lifetime, call Sam!

Wade Collins – Digital & Traditional Caricature Artist
International Society of Caricature Artists Board Member 2013, 2014

Dear Sam,
I don’t know if I told you but I love the caricature you did of me. You are very talented. I think you captured my personality perfectly. If I have not thanked you already I am sorry for the delay.
Fairways and Greens…….

Terry Britt – President for Eastern Aviation Insurance

My mother recently ordered a custom caricature from Sam and just told him that I had a love of ‘golf’. He took that info and ran with it. The drawing he created was one of the funniest and best gifts I have ever received. I have it framed and hanging in my office and it gets all kinds of great and comical comments from anyone that sees it! These are great personalized gifts that will stand out from the rest!

Jason Bowen – Business Development for Heritage CAA