Weighing In On Rope A Dope Toons

Thank You, for taking the time to find out more about “Rope A Dope Toons”! My name is Sam Roper. I am a freelance Caricature and Cartoon Artist in the Atlanta area. I took an odd path to get here but I LOVE to draw and always have… I have been doodling as long as I can remember. I did pieces for my high school newspaper years ago and was very involved in our graphic arts department in high school.

I’m sorry to take you down this twisted road but it’s liable to be funny to some of you & maybe inspirational to someone else…my own “don’t give up on your dreams” story. So as an 18 year old kid, for some reason, I chose a small music scholarship over a pretty freaking big graphic arts scholarship to college. I was a Percussion Major. I even toured around the country with the Spirit of Atlanta Drum & Bugle Corps for two Summers. Yeah, everyone knows drummers are cool…right? Well, musicians make no money & I like groceries. So I had to find a 2nd job bartending to help maintain my grocery addiction. A fella’s gotta eat! Then the kitchen manager at the restaurant quit. The restaurant owner issued me keys & made me a manager. I had unknowingly stumbled into a restaurant career. It was a great 20+ year career. I was the Managing Partner for two very large restaurant concepts. Unfortunately, like I stumbled into the restaurant biz, I recently stumbled out of the restaurant biz almost literally. Some medical things have benched a great career in restaurant industry. Body Blow! Body Blow! (there’s a video game reference few folks will remember) I took a few jabs but I’m not KNOCKED OUT!

I needed to find something to occupy my time, so I started to doodle again and I am loving it! I have had a few cartoon pieces in the local newspaper and a new fire was lit!! So in this next chapter of my life, I have been able to spend a lot more time with my two amazing kiddos. I am able to see them off to school and be here for them when they get home. During their school day I am able to do the creative work that I love. Having more time with my beautiful wife and awesome kids in the evenings has enabled me to find more time for myself and get back to the doodling I enjoy. I am incredibly lucky that I get to do the work I love around the people I love!! I really couldn’t do any of this with out my wife …my own “Don King”. My promoter & manager telling me to go for it. I love you babe.

Yes , that is my fat, bald, & sexy mug to the left there. Save the Butterbean Jokes…Heard em’! That sly smirk is on my face 90% of the time. My mom taught me “You have 2 Ears & 1 Mouth for a reason” That’s why that smirk is there. I have learned, if you listen more than you talk you will hear some funny stuff!! And, by the way, I’ve been told those ears are actual size.

Anyway, things have come a long way since I was doodling X-wing fighters on my notebooks in the 70’s. I have always been a huge Star Wars Fan. Everyone in my family is a Disney Nerd. Walt & all the Disney animators have been big influences on my drawing. I grew up in the Saturday Morning Cartoon generation. There were so many different styles back then like the Looney Toons, Super Friends, Super Chicken, Hong Kong Phooey, Magilla Gorilla, Dasterdly & Muttly, the Smurfs etc. How could you not be captivated by them and want to try to draw them yourself!?! (I only said the Smurfs because they were a different style. Don’t try & twist it…I’d rather be subjected to a Penelope Pitstop Marathon than watch the Smurfs…)

Most of my work is done on an iPad Pro. I draw 90% of my caricatures digitally. I use Sketchbook Pro & some Adobe Photoshop & In Design. I also do some traditional caricatures with a good old pencil on paper.

Rope A Dope Toons, LLC was formed in August of 2015. The company name is a play on words with my last name Roper & Muhammad Ali’s famous boxing style. Ali used to dance around and make his opponent look silly & he called it the “Rope a Dope”. We hope to have a good time making folks smile as we make them look silly at Rope a Dope Toons.

Other Future Projects
The future is crazy bright right now for Rope A Dope Toons. Problem is I have too many ideas in my head to get them all done. You will definitely see some different lines of pictures in the Gallery. You will likely see Rope A Dope in at least one N.E. Atlanta Newspaper on a regular basis. You could also see a line of “Children’s Books” based on things I’ve experienced raising my “Dopes”. I say that in a crazy silly loving Daddy way. You could see even see some drawing classes for folks local to te N.E. Metro Atlanta Area. You may see me at more local fairs doing more pencil work. I may take a few gigs in the community. You will hopefully see me in more Newspapers as we look to expand the brand. Who knows how far things could grow from there. I can tell you this… If I can’t relax and enjoy it we won’t do it. So that leaves a lot of other stuff to dabble in.

For now I am focusing on Digital Commission Work; Taking orders for Employee of the Months, Employee Recognition Programs, Weddings, & Gifts any time of year. I am also building a library of stock pieces of celebrities & silly comics that will always be available on the site.

Thank You, for getting “Roped” into my story. I appreciate your interest!

Thank You for reading that all the way through… You must have been hit in the head a lot during your boxing days to sit through that. What’s that? You were never a boxer? Oh heavens its worse than I thought. You need to get checked out. Quick, how many fingers am I holding up?